Affordable Safety Rail Systems

Keep your construction site safe with our roof safety rails

Roof safety rails keep construction workers safe when building, conducting repairs or carrying out routine roof maintenance. At Australis Safety Rail, we pride ourselves on ensuring that, when it comes to roof safety and edge protection, we uphold and maintain industry standards and provide our clients with roof safety facilities they can trust.

Provides protection while working at heights

Simple installation

Modular design for easy reconfiguration

Suitable for re-roofing, maintenance and repairs

Fittable on all construction sizes

Affordable roof edge protection

Roof Safety Rail Supply and Installation

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Quality Roof Safety Rails

There are many factors to consider when it comes to installing safety rails. Working at heights means the utmost protection is necessary, and in order to provide the safest working environment possible, roof safety rail standards must be followed and upheld. We make sure our roof edge protection is compliant and suitable for our customers.

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Proper Installation

Installation is the first and most important part of acquiring a roof edge protection system. Our installation team is competent and able to ensure your edge protection is correctly installed during construction, repair or maintenance work to keep workers safe.

Suitable Materials

Roof edge protection needs to be able to support a person's weight in the event of a fall or an accident. This means the materials used for the roof edge protection should be of a suitable and appropriate material for the task at hand.

Corrosion Resistant

In addition to proper maintenance and using the correct materials, we ensure our roof edge protection systems are corrosion resistant. Proper anti-corrosion treatment or materials can help a roof edge protection system be more secure and safe for use.


We ensure our roof safety equipment and facilities are properly maintained at all times. This means that the roof edge protection we provide you with is safe to use, reliable and up to industry standards.

Correct Roof Safety System

Flat or sloped, sheeting or tiles - the roof edge protection system you need will depend on the type of roof you have. Before installation, we ensure your roof type is matched up with the appropriate and correct roof edge protection.

Relevant Safety Systems

We don't just provide our clients with roof edge protection - we ensure the entire edge protection facility is accompanied by whatever necessary safety facilities it needs in order for construction, maintenance or repairs to be carried out.

Up to Standard

Safety and security standards are key when it comes to roof edge protection systems, which is why we at Australis Safety Rails carefully follow and adhere to all industry standards, providing you with safe, usable roof safety systems.

Peace of Mind

As industry experts, we ensure proper planning before any projects begin. We consider the type of roof you have, the work to be done, how long it will take to install the roof edge protection system, and the type of roof safety facility you need to give you peace of mind.

Need Roof Safety Rails? Choose Australis Safety Rail

Australis Safety Rail are the experts when it comes to quality, reliable roof safety rails. Specialising in providing safety rails for re-roofing projects, roof edge protection and hang-on platforms, we can help you get the roof safety facilities you need.


Our skilled workforce and extensive inventory allow us to supply and fit safety rail and hang-on platform quickly and safely.


We specialise in supporting builders and roofers undertaking insurance repairs following storms and other natural disasters. We have the experience and capacity to provide ongoing support in remote locations, ensuring you can get your job done on time and on budget.


We service clients nationwide with an expansive portfolio encompassing the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors as well as insurance services and disaster relief.

roof safety rails
roof safety rails

Secure, Effective Roof Safety Rails

We supply a wide range of roof safety systems to suit your specific building requirements. We aim to eliminate height safety risks that your employees or contractors are exposed to while working at various heights. Our systems offer the flexibility to cover all roof types, whilst also providing a simple modular system that is easy to install for collective roof edge protection.

  • Provides collective protection while working on a roof
  • No penetration of the roof membrane
  • Simple, smooth¬† installation
  • No welding, threading or bolting required on site
  • Suitable for use on almost all roof types, including concrete, asphalt, metal sheeting and tiles
  • Modular design allows reconfiguration on site if needed
  • Sections can be added to or taken down for easy reconstruction elsewhere
  • Compatible with almost all configurations of flat and sloped roofs

Service Areas

We are able to relocate our team to support large building, repair and maintenance efforts across Australia. We are also able to send teams out to support insurance work following large storms and natural events.


Our dedicated, professional team will ensure your roof edge protection system requirements are met based off of the job to be done, your roof type and how soon you need a roof safety facility installed. An extensive inventory allows us to supply and fit safety rail and hang-on platforms on a wide range of building and structure types to meet your construction and repair needs. Our systems have been designed for ease of installation, protection of the property and compliance with Australian Standards and codes.


Though our primary servicing area spans from the Gold Coast to the Bundaberg area, we are able to service most of Australia upon request.